Britney Spears was a virgin (allegedly), Michael Jordan had taken his "last shot," and Dawson's Creek was the epitome of teenage cool. Ahhh, 1998, what a year. J.Crew, while popular, had not become the blogger-favorite menswear destination (and FLOTUS' brand of choice) yet either. Recently, the brand's ad campaign from '98 that featured the popular actors has been unearthed from stacks of dusty and hair gel-crusted magazines from the pre-Complex era. Instead of slim-fit chinos, red chambray shirts, and Japanese poplin blazers, you can see James Van Der Beek, pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson sport oversized sweaters, baggy lightwash denim, and bucket hats. Except for the fly bucket hat, the collection looks more like a night out at Broville. However, it's cool to see how far the brand has come in its quest to seize the menswear throne.

[via Refinery29]