The elements of the Most Dope general's style.

This feature is a part of Complex's "Man of Next Year" Week.

Mac Miller may have been one of 2012's most stylish celebrities, but don't get it twisted—the Pittsburgh rapper is far from a clotheshorse.

 "I don't really think about what brand I'm wearing," Miller says. "I just wear whatever I have that's clean."

That doesn't mean he doesn't pay attention to his gear at all. On the contrary, his wardrobe is full of some of the dopest streetwear brands around. Which is exactly why we had to ask the Man of Next Year who his favorites are. While he was working through the process of narrowing them down, he doled out some sage style advice:

"I think that everyone's coming out with ill clothing—you just gotta find whatever's right for you, whatever brands you feel like wearing."

After much deliberation, Mac gave us some insight on who he thinks is killing it right now. Here are Mac Miller's 11 favorite streetwear brands.

As told to JIan Deleon (@jiandeleon)

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