Carmelo Anthony in his third season with the New York Knicks has started a much welcomed resurgence of Big Apple basketball. When Melo isn't killing 'em on the court, he makes sure his personal style is always on point. The NCAA champion and Olympic gold medalist connected with British Esquire—before the Knicks' London tip-off with the Detroit Pistons—to discuss his favorite accessories, what the change in the NBA's dress code has done for player's style, attending a Versace show, and more. We selected some of Melo's best quotes below, and you can also read the entire article here

[via British Esquire]

"I have a bunch of timepieces. I love collecting watches - ever since I could start affording them. I could never afford watches, but now I take time to educate myself and learn about them."

"Ever since the commissioner changed the dress code in the NBA, guys have dressed better. At first it was kind of hard to make that transition. Over the years, the fashion world has grown and players are starting to get into fashion more, get into different things. Now different companies are starting to make things that cater to bigger and taller guys, and guys are just taking advantage of that right now."

"I like to get out and see what's out there. Go to boutique shops, try and mess around and play around with different brands and different styles of clothes. It's not so much about shopping at the big brand name stores, it's about finding things that you can connect with."

"We went to the Versace show [in Milan]. It's amazing, you walk in there and everything is Versace - from the floor to the couches, to the cushions, everything. You're in Versace heaven."

"We've got a few guys on the team kind of dabbling with fashion. Tyson Chandler has his own unique style. Amar'e [Stoudemire] has his own style. I think guys are feeding off each other and finding their own style, making their own path when it comes to fashion."