In the Spring of 2005, self-proclaimed traveling artist Lukas Birk and visual artist Sean Foley came into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran as tourists. As innocent as it sounds, their adventure was a very dangerous endeavor. They risked their lives to do art journalism, documenting their adventures in interviews, poetry, prose, and photography.

The book Kafkanistan published by Glitterati Incorporated is a collection of their experiences and works they completed during their time in the often misunderstood, underrepresented countries. They assimilate to the culture of the region and mix with locals. The photography they produce while in the region is sometimes inspiring and sometimes arresting.

The book's biggest contribution to the ongoing conversation about the Middle East is its commentary on American journalism performed in the country. Much that is said in the States is done so presupposing audiences will never visit the country themselves. The authors have an experience that defies some stereotypes and affirms others. 

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