In addition to a recent gorgeous spread for W magazine, photographer and director Ryan McGinley can celebrate the arrival of his Sigur Rós "Varuo" video to NYC cabs' Taxi TV as of last Wednesday. A 30-second clip titled "TBD" will play in 3,000 taxis until February 5. Appropriately for NYC, it featureshis friend Jessica Tang wearing only a gold wig and blue shirt while running around the city. McGinley told the New York Times“It’s something I made this summer around the city, guerrilla style, with no permits or anything. In the four or five days we shot it barely anyone acknowledged her.”

If you find yourself in an NYC cab this month, make sure to pay attention to Taxi TV for something other than the normally scheduled (and often boring) programming, all thanks to the Art Production Fund. Watch the full music video below:

[via NYTimes]