Finally, models who look like real women! It used to be that a required qualification for all female models was skinniness that bordered on skeletal. And yeah they may look good on camera, but how many real women do you know who have waists you can nearly wrap your hands around? Call us crazy, but we're so on board the recent push to include "plus sized models" in the fashion world. And when we talk about plus size models we're not talking about music video vixens or girls who are famous for their bountiful bottoms. While we're fans of said thickness, this post is about the non-waif models who are being utilized in fashion editorials and ad campaigns.

Even if, as some people claim, magazines like Vogue and Glamour are only including these new faces to cause buzz that translates into sales, this is definitely a step in the right direction to include women of all shapes and sizes into the overall conversation. 

Last week, Refinery29 ranked six of the most recognized faces and bodies of the plus-size fashion world, which got us to thinking of our favorites. Which do you prefer: models with curves or models who might slip through a subway grate? If you're like us, then the answer is "both." But it's time we gave the former some shine, and you better get familiar since 2013 is set to feature even more voluptuous foxes than ever before. Check out The 10 Hottest Plus Sized Fashion Models.

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