Frank Miller’s epic The Dark Knight Rises is often cited as a turning point in the history of comics, with the aesthetic shifting from feel-good stories of good over evil with animation to match to a more realistic, gritty style. Suddenly, Hulk didn’t just smash, he ripped people in half. Wolverine didn’t just roam the woods looking for people to call Bub, he spent years in a pit being shot every day only to regenerate like a modern Prometheus. And the women of comics, well, let’s just say they were enhanced.

Since then the ladies have been splitting their time between fighting crime without pulling a Janet Jackson nip slip and participating in what look like Maxim cover shoots all over New York and Gotham. Now, artists and feminist fans everywhere are taking a stand with what is being called The Hawkeye Initiative. By replacing the overly embellished female forms of comics with the slick talking frat boy of The Avengers, The Hawkeye Initiative provides a new perspective on the evolution of one of America’s most beloved artforms.

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