Pioneer of the "Rooftopping" photography movement, Tom Ryaboi doesn't stop. Earlier this year, we named him one of our 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now, and he's been up to all sort of cool projects since like the "City Rising" time-lapse we posted in October. He's now selling a print (just in time for the holidays) of one of his most stunning aerial cityscapes. Of the shot, he says:

"This particular photo was taken this fall from a recently completed high rise in Toronto. Nearly a 70 floor climb by foot was exhausting, but afforded some of the best views of the city I have ever seen. I remember thinking how different the west view (bottom image) looked from the east (top, inverted), like I was looking at two cities, divided by a border that I was standing on."

Buy the print fro $30 at MyModernMet.

[via MyModernMet]