Avoid Obsolete Technologies

Year: 1979

"All I can remember is that Craig wanted to burn a car. He wanted to have a real burning car in an ad, and it was his concept to put Ray [Rodriguez] in front of it. He thought it would look provocative and visually stimulating. And so we lit the car up in front of George [Powell's] parents' house, and it was actually really difficult to keep the car burning. We kept having to throw this kind of rubber glue on it because only the rubber glue would keep the flames going. If you put gasoline on it, it would burn up and it would be gone in a second. The car, I believe, is one we bought for Stecyk, because he wanted the tail fins off of it. And so we not only burned the car that day, but we also cut it in half. George was a welder and he cut the car in half for Craig. Craig was a complete freak to work with. He always asked for weird things, it's like, 'Y'all do this, buy me this car and then cut it in half for me. You can have the front and I'll take the back.' He eventually used the whole back of the car for an art show he did."