For the majority of the modern era, space travel has been primarily dominated by the United States and the Soviet Union/Russian Federation. In 2003, China caught up with these aforementioned nations, and ultimately launched their own vessel into outer space. 

40 years in the making, it seems as though Mao Zedong can finally rest knowing he was part of something positive. However, this milestone wasn't the easiest task to accomplish. After years of developmental setbacks resulting from the nation's cultural revolution, China fell behind in the space race and had to devise a way to keep its country interested in space travel, even if they didn't have a functioning space program of their own. You know the Chinese... When in doubt, throw some propaganda into the mix, and decades later, they're running the show. 

Hit the thumbs for a detailed look at retro propaganda posters from China's space program. 

[via Retronaut]