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POST NEW recently caught up with Dao-Yi Chow, one half of the design duo behind Public School. In the interview, Chow talks about where he and co-designer Maxwell Osborne met, how Sean John influenced Public School, the importance of making their pieces in New York City, as well as possible ventures into retail. Educate yourself and read on below.

On where he and Maxwell Osborne met:

"Maxwell and I met while we were at Sean John. We worked together for about 4 or 5 years and we developed a friendship since we always seemed to have the same aesthetic. I think Maxwell left 6 months after I did and we always talked about doing something, but it didn't really seem real until one time we were walking a tradeshow and really felt that this was something we could do and we could really offer a distinct point of a view. That was really the foundation of Public School."

On what he learned from working at Sean John:

DYC: I think Sean John was one of the foremost aspiration of brands of our time. I think Puff was really iconic and I think that he had a vision and that we could combine high and low and something that people really wanted to be part of. I think that really influenced us, the aesthetic obviously isn't the same but it was more around like the aspiration.

On the importance of having everything made in New York City:

"Very important. We wanted to take control of our production and make sure everything was 100%. We didn't compromise and didn't want to play any pricing games. We just wanted to make great product and be three blocks away and visit every single one of our factories. The brand DNA is also very much about New York and we're launching a denim line that's also made 100% in New York as well."

Check out the full interview here.

[via POST NEW]