Let's face it, anything remotely co-signed by Dwyane Wade needs to be taken with a grain of salt and an ample dosage of vigilance in the world of menswear. His try hard attempts at style only come off as a caricature of what he strives to be, but the worst part is the media and his fans lap it all up because he's supposedly unfuckwittable. So you can be sure we were a little hesitant to click through the sale when we first heard about it. And while I can't shit on Wade too much because, sometimes, he actually looks pretty decent, the sale has a few wearable items that peons like you and me can get away with like this gator belt and card case by Trafalgar. And everything else is either sold out (of course) or out of your size, because who can't resist celebrity curated gear? They even did a Q&A with Wade so you can read all about what inspires him to dress the way he does (I obviously cannot handle this load of information at the moment).