Excuse me while I get a tad bit shameless because, well, I can. The Fuck Yeah Menswear book is coming out this November and my co-author, Kevin Burrows, and I figured now is as good of a time as ever to drop a little preview. After talking with our publisher (read: begged our publisher) we figured it would be a good opportunity to share some of the new stuff exclusive to the book (read: prove we are not simply a one-trick-rap-lyric-writing-epic-poem-scribing pony). Above are 3 entries from the book's "Style Archetypes" interstitial. It's all pretty self-explanatory considering stereotypes can be really fun assuming they're not taken too seriously. And yeah, we're doing illustrations because, well, we can. Or, rather, Kevin can. I can't really do shit. Hopefully you guys dig it and consider actually buying the book because I'm fucking broke—I spent all my advance money on deadstock Pokémon trading cards.


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