L’Occitane is a retailer of lotions, fragrance, and home products that is based in the South of France, so you know it's good because nothing bad has come out of the South of France ever. They’ve had a fragrance that has been kept on the low for a while now and for good reason. Introducing L’Occitane’s Cedar Eau de Parfum, which I’m pretty sure translates to “smells like fucking awesome” in English. Obviously, this is a cedar scent that comes in a bottle that will help you flex when you’re looking for the next chick that’s dumb enough to let you trick her into sleeping with you. True story, I smelled this on a friend of mine and almost asked him to come home with me that night. (Not my proudest moment.) Keep in mind, this isn’t the cedar that you just stuff in your nasty, sweaty tassel loafs. No, this is refined French cedar. Act quickly since the scent comes in extremely limited quantities—it was cancelled, but then brought back due to customer uproar.