Attending this years Warped Tour was a strange trip back in time. With banks like Taking Back Sunday and Every Time I Die playing, 16-year-old me was embarrassingly excited. But despite this, what caught my attention was the band merch. There were great designs from all the usual suspects, Polar Bear Club, Fireworks and Title Fight (who had backpacks and disposable cameras!), and a few artist-run clothing lines, like Born & Bred, founded by Bayside’s Nick Ghanbarian.

 Born & Bred specializes in clothing and art, featuring shirts with the moniker “Born & Bred 19XX – 20XX” and collaborative posters/art (set to change every month - this month B&B has teamed up with MXPX). The items are well designed – if not totally “Brooklyn” in their aesthetic – and the details, like the sewn in label, are really what make the shirts. If you’re thinking of hitting up Warped Tour this year be sure to stop by Bayside’s tent and check out Born & Bred in person. Otherwise, head over to their website and grab some pieces for yourself.