Do you buy American-made products? Well you should. In light of the recent controversy surrounding the Olympic uniforms that were manufactured in China, there has been a huge focus on buying Made in USA. Contrary to what some people believe, it's not impossible to find American-made goods, even with the growing trend toward outsourcing overseas. After all, designer Eunice Lee, amongst others, continues to manufacture UNIS apparel in New York and Los Angeles. And who doesn't appreciate quality pieces made right here?

Check out these websites and Facebook groups to find goods made in the United States, as well as brands known to manufacture their products in the good old US of A:


The Made in America Movement

USA Love List

American Made Matters

A Continuous Lean: The American List

Things Made in America

made in usa challenge


Arne Mason: leather carrying cases

Blackbox Case: wooden laptop cases

Makr Carry Goods: bags, stools, wallets, belts

NATIVE(X): totes, scarves, jewelry, mugs

Hicks: ties, bowties

Randolph Engineering: glasses, sunglasses

Summit Creek Dry Goods: wallets, key chains, belts

Estex Mfg. Co.: Tool sheaths, aprons, buckets, holsters

Clothes / Footwear:

All American Clothing

American Apparel



Red Wing Heritage line

The full list can be found here.