First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962)
Created by:  Jack Kirby

The Norse god is usually seen kicking Asgard in his sleeveless, Nordic-inspired armor and helmet, and trademark red cape. The circular details on his costume are meant to be conductors of electricity.  In recent years, Thor's comic costume has undergone two lasting changes. The first is the sleeveless, capeless look of Ultimate Thor, who exists in an alternate Marvel reality grounded in less fantastic ideals, meaning that while he blabbers on about being a god, people in that world think he's just a crazy guy with one hell of a powerful hammer. The second is a recent redesign by Olivier Coipel, which wraps the character in a black cloth and long-sleeve, chain-mail like armor.

His Thor movie costume is an amalgam of his classic look and modern, Coipel redesign, with the long sleeves and black motif. For The Avengers, his sleeves get replaced with a pair of red gauntlets, a nod to the original red bracelets he rocked in the comics.