First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962)
Created by:  Jack Kirby

The not-so-jolly green giant wasn't always so green.  In fact, he was actually gray when he first debuted. It was after the first issue had printed that Stan Lee decided to change up his color to green. In the comics, the gray-skinned Hulk would be developed into an alternate personality with Nucky Thompson-era gangster tendencies, named Joe Fixit.

Hulk's most iconic piece of attire is probably his purple pants, which were alluded to in The Incredible Hulk when Betty Ross goes shopping for fugitive Bruce Banner while they hide out in a hotel room. What's changed in his portrayal though, is we've gone from covering bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno in green paint, to increasingly more detailed CGI models, ranging from Ang Lee's initial attempt, to the current film incarnation, which is actually modeled to look more like actor Mark Ruffalo. Ironically, Hulk is still voiced by Lou Ferrigno in the film.