London has one of the strongest histories of graffiti in the world outside of New York. But until recently it has had a very closed scene, with very little known about from the outside world . The emergence of DDS in the early 1990s, who boast 12 names in this list had a profound effect on the style of the city,

A rich train scene has always been at the core of the graffiti activity in city, with old school names such as Kast, Cazbee, Cherish, Fuel, Prime among the most memorable on the underground system- while others such as  Drax, Eine, PIC, 10 Foot and Oker have achieved all city on the streets in stints over the past 25 years.

This list takes in to account the most influential of the past 10-15 years. An old school list will appear soon.

Written by @hurtyoubad, @crackandshine, & @topsafelondon.

The 25 Greatest London Graffiti Writers

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