Date: 1988.

Punishment: Charges dropped.

SANESMITH were the targets of the largest-ever case to be brought against graffiti writers at the time: three million dollars, or around six million today, for painting the Brooklyn Bridge.

They managed to do it in two hours one Tuesday evening, standing on ledges that were “only a foot-and-a-half wide.”

“He's just one of these kids who has no intention of stopping,” said the Transit Deputy Inspector at the time, referring to SANE (RIP). “He thinks it's art and we're fools to think otherwise.”

Jennifer Toth's book The Mole People said the lawsuit was partly to discourage other writers from attempting such dangerous locations, partly a ruse to try and get the two writers to rat. They did not. Instead, they were represented by legendary lawyer, the late William Kunstler, and "somehow the city lost its will to pursue the matter,” said SMITH. “We wound up moving out to avoid all the unwanted police attention, and the bridge got painted a second time the following year. I guess no one learned their lesson."