Jonas Lara, Los Angeles

Punishment: $200 restitution.

Photography student Jonas Lara's case received media attention when he was arrested photographing two writers for an art project.

Initially, Lara claims, he was told he was only needed at the station for processing. Only once he was there was he charged with felony vandalism.

Lara refused to plead guilty, soon parting ways with his public defender who disagreed that as a photographer, he was within his rights to document an illegal subculture.

With the assistance of a private attorney, Lara declined three plea deals, offering instead to pay $200 in restitution to the property owner. The charge was reduced to "disturbing the peace" and he walked without a criminal record. However, it took several months to get his camera equipment back. He says police tried to trick him into giving more information about the case when he went to pick it up.