GKAE, Los Angeles

Date: 1997

Punishment: $99,470 fine, 1,000 hours of graffiti cleanup, around four years in maximum security prison.

In 1997, GKAE became the target of a Highway Patrol Graffiti Task Force cop who tied him to the name GANKE. It was the tag he'd been arrested and fined $43,000 for in 1993.

Talk on the Internet revealed GKAE had moved to Seattle. Six weeks later he was caught when police ran a warrants check on him for drinking underage at a party.

GKAE waived extradition and came back to California, the first time a graffiti writer was ever taken interstate to face charges.

He spent the better part of a year in jail before pleading guilty to a felony vandalism charge. It was rumored to be the biggest property damage case in history, estimated at four million dollars. Prosecutors even used a professional voice analyst to match GKAE to his infamous appearance on the Gabrielle talk show.

At sentencing, GKAE was fined nearly $100,000 dollars and given 1,000 hours of clean-up duty.

A couple of years later, a security guard saw GKAE writing on a Hollywood studio wall and recorded his license plate. He was judged as having violated his parole at least twice since his last conviction.

In a 1999 interview with EKLIPS from a maximum security prison, GKAE said he had just finished doing 16 months, and was about to start a three-year term.