2ESAE, New York

Date: 2007.

Punishment: Three months in prison.

New York writer 2ESAE was surprised to get a three-month prison sentence in Brooklyn for graffiti: "They really had nothing on me, so I was thinking this whole time that I was going to be let off," he said.

With his public defender, he got three months on Rikers. This would overlap with a court appearance for 43 counts of criminal mischief, trespassing, and graffiti that came with a potential seven years of jail time. The second round of charges had been brought against him after footage for a documentary was turned up in a separate raid.

2ESAE's arrest was highly publicized because of his involvement with the Graffiti Research Lab, who threw a big fundraiser/going away party the night before he went to Rikers. All proceeds went to getting him a better lawyer.