Allman Brothers Band, Macon, Georgia, 1971

Amelia Davis: “That was the Fillmore East album cover and again, a really iconic photo. It was actually taken in Macon, Georgia and the Allman Brothers were also notorious for never smiling. I don’t know the reason but they were just very serious and they didn’t want photos of them smiling. Jim was with them and he set them up and was like 'Come on, guys, smile' and they were like 'No, we’re not going to smile.' So Jim finally said 'Alright guys, I’m the one who holds the coke so if you want any you’re going to have to smile.' And they all cracked up. They are laughing, they’re just like 'Oh my god, Jim.'

“He knew it was going to be the album cover, he got creative credit on it. He has a platinum covered album, he got one of those because he did the design of the album. That was really cool, a lot of people don’t know that about Jim.”