This past February, the American Indian tribe Navajo Nation filed a lawsuit in New Mexico to finally put an end to the ongoing misuse of the traditional Navajo name and designs by Urban Outfitters. Aside from Navajo prints being poorly used in marketing items such as panties and flasks, the whole Navajo-print trend has been gradually making its way up within the fashion world and our mainstream culture. For example, French designer, Isabel Marant produced a tribal-inspired spring collection and even some of our favorite brands make really dope gear with Navajo prints. To say the least, the Navajo community is not happy about such important aesthetic aspects of their culture being exploited and thus making it harder to maintain their identity. The lawsuit claims:

“The fame or reputation of the Navajo name and marks is such that, when defendant uses the           ‘Navajo’ and ‘Navaho’ marks with its goods and services, a connection with the Navajo Nation is falsely presumed."
It's no surprise why the Navajo trend would be insulting to their community. Reportedly, most people in Navajo country don't even dress in cliché Navajo outfits. [NY Times]