Almost 30 years ago, Keith Haring put up the first mural on the Houston Street wall, a concrete slab just off of Bowery in New York. For decades, the wall had been bombed by illegal graffiti and various commercial ads, but over the past few years, the wall has seen new life through the help of curator Jeffrey Deitch and the wall's owner, Tony Goldman. The two friends began sanctioning murals at this location in 2008, and have since collaborated with artists including Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairey. With the closing of Deitch Projects in 2010, Goldman teamed up with Deitch's successors, The Hole, to continue the wall's legacy —the latest contribution, from LA-based RETNA, is fresh up today.

Interested in the full story of the Houston Street wall and its various legal and illegal collaborators?

Read on for The History of the Bowery/Houston Street Graffit Mural Wall.

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