Attention dudes: it's February and the dreadful Valentine's Day gift guides and restaurant deals are taking over your inbox and Twitter feed like the plague. We know how it feels to be bombarded by websites telling you what to do for your girl. But we know you. You're not a sucker.

However, we want you to impress the ladies on the big day (or everyday), whether you're single or wifed up. A good starting point is by improving your hygeine and grooming skills, which is why we came up with the 10 Easy Grooming Habits Girls Will Notice. These tips aren't crazy innovative. In fact, it's stuff men should already know, but it's amazing how many guys forget one or two steps in their daily routine. No fake-and-baking, waxing, or that pretty shit necessary—this is a low-maintenance guide to upping your property value. Lazy man approved.