33. Game's "The Game" Chains

Made By: Ben Baller
First Seen: Unknown
Estimated Value: $50,000

This piece is special because I made it. When Game hit me up wanting this set up, it was for his new album, Devil's Advocate and for his “One Blood” video, he didn't want to just rap about some shit he didn't have—he lived that life. So we made him a 50 carat double "Game" chain set up and he asked for Cuban links because he wanted it OG hip-hop and the chains were fucking heavy as shit! We laser engraved “The Documentary” on the smaller one (not a small chain though) and “The Devil's Advocate” on the big chain. This chain got a lot of play in his career and from what he told me, the chain is so big and heavy, when he's on stage it will cut into his chest something awful because of the sharp edges. Oh well. We can smooth those out a little bit for you homie, but we made this chain just right. It was 100% precise to spec and the artwork.