Designer and producer Frankie “EIKNARF” Colamarino has developed a large online following due to his avant-now taste and a use of social media platforms that make you think the dude is one of the illest motherfuckers alive. Naked chicks? Covetable gear? A plethora of hip-hop references? Esoteric art shit? Yeah, he's got that covered.

He recently launched his online store yesterday. Currently he is selling two tees and a crewneck sweatshirt, all up for pre-order. The T-shirts cost $40 while the sweatshirt is $80. They'll be limited to 100 pieces each and are currently set to ship on December 15.

EIKNARF will also make one painting available a month. The current piece, IM-PEYL, is handpainted on cardboard and selling for $250. New gear is expected to drop at random. [EIKNARF]