Celebrities are brilliant at following trends. In turn, the A-list down to the Z-list are particularly adept at perpetuating (and ultimately over-extending) even the best trend.

In tattoos, celebrities have a particular skill in perpetrating the worst crimes against body art. All those things we laugh at in tattoos - from bad portraits to faded, and misguided, psuedo-tribal decorations - are easily found on the skin of some of the planet's most recognized folks. Don't get it twisted, it isn't always their fault. They've succumb to, so sadly, to lowest common denominator inking. Check this list for three reasons: 1. as a helpful catch up on two decades worth of major tattoo trends; 2. a reminder of when not to act too quickly at a tattoo shop; and 3. for a good laugh.

Cringe-worthy spelling mingles with dated arm bands in our version of the 25 Worst Celebrity Tattoos.

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