Let’s face it: men’s growing interest in fashion is partly because of this lovely thing we call the Internet. While everyone is waking up bummed that New York Fashion Week is over, it’s exciting to see through various street style blogs and upcoming collections that men’s current attraction to fashion are at an all time high.

CNN provides a great article on this current surge of interest of males wanting to step their style game up to a hundred thousand trillion — ok, maybe just a tad. Popular sites like A Continuous Lean, Selectism, and Gilt Manual amongst others are all mentioned as leading the way in generating  interest in men looking good. What's your take on the whole movement? Check out some excerpts below and peep the whole article on CNN’s website.

"It's an exciting time in men's fashion," he said. "There's been this real return to expressing individuality through clothes and it doesn't have to be through suits and ties. It's the whole gamut of different pieces that men have access to. There's just been an explosion in interesting clothing."
"The Web has really turned the topic of fashion and style into more of a conversation instead of a lecture," said Ohlendorf, whose site attracts around 430,000 monthly unique visitors. "We might give you information on how you might want a suit tailored but then users come into the piece and give their own point of view."