Nike Air Pressure


The Air Pressure isn't a very good shoe. Imbeciles and ironists will "lol" their way to campaigning their way to a relaunch, but there's a reason most never owned this weak sneaker. The color palette was excellent (recently revived on a colorway of the PR1), but it got trounced by Reebok, who dropped their shoe at the end of the previous year. Even Nike conceded that pump was a flawed concept. It even ruined perfect examples of early '90s ugly like David Robinson's Air Command Force . Even though Audio Two's 'I Don't Care' album was very good, it bricked, and the Pressures on the cover were to blame. Keep a pair stashed and that ridiculous valve-aided collar will crack like some cheap prop. An expensive folly that's fondly remembered, the Air Pressure would have been better without the pump application that drowns out the rest of Bruce Kilgore's design. So why do people like it? Beyond that colorway, the Tupperware-style plastic box kept the shoe safe, has a section in the lid to clip in the separate pump and even a shoulder strap. It demanded reuse in an era where the box was binned or used as photo/porn/comic storage. It almost justified the Pressure's deranged price tag. You see, there's something inexplicably appealing about Nike Tupperware.