43. PERKS & MINI Banana

Inspired By: Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

Melbourne's P.A.M. prove that a knack for artistry makes all the difference, and their designs are a mix of all-new and the very knowing. Frequently overlooked in the brand stakes, when you can rock a gallery just as easily as you can bring cotton to life, you deserve respect. Misha and Shauna have the reference points to run with and their Disney and Sun Ra tributes are great, but the peeled back Warhol "Peel slowly and see" fruit is the best they've done to date. Andy is the godfather of much of today's today's sacred cow-riffing hype culture and you don't need to be Sigmund to see the phallic overtones of this design. Homaging a master biter isn't easy, but Perks & Mini pulled it off.