1. STUSSY Linked "S" Logo

Inspired By: The Chanel logo

It's bugged out to think that ownership of a t-shirt was once aspirational, but there was a point when Shawn Stüssy's line exited those surf beginnings and became sought-after, by any means necessary. The all-encompassing lifestyle nature of what Stüssy became was laid down in the linked 'S' logo that aped the branding of Coco Chanel's empire. That was way out the reach of the kid on the street, but grabbing something with the linked 'S' or Stüssy No. 4 imagery on was just about feasible. If you could find it. Then wearing the damn thing to death made you feel like you'd become the member of some elite Worldwide Tribe. Between Stüssy and Chanel, the clientele may have been different, but the psychology of generating consumer desire was very similar indeed. There's homages everywhere now, but this brazen bite was a significant statement of intent that ushered in the next wave. A couple of decades down the line, high-fashion would borrow back in a major way.

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