Inspired By: The Phillies Blunt logo

Stash's role in streetwear is substantial ,and it was some simple logo lifts that set it off. As GFS (Gerb, Stash, Futura), the RustOleum and Krylon joints were must-haves. But nobody was ready for the Phillies Blunt explosion as the trio handed out shirts with the cigar brand and stoner's best friend on it in 1992 as the blunt-talk in rap hit epidemic heights. Sold under a new brand name NFC/Not From Concentrate, the homages got bootlegged themselves, with Phillies hats hitting middle America and the NFC line building off an existing buzz in Japan. Whereas most brands would unleash the lawyers, Phillies Blunts were happy to get the promotion, making the designs pretty much official. NFC put out other homages, but few hit like the Blunt did.

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