17. PNB NATION Sticker T-Shirt

Inspired By: "Hello, My Name Is..." stickers

Yep, this probably doesn't qualify as a lift or homage, but like Not From Concentrate's Krylon can, it's an essential moment in street culture and shirts. Post No Bills was the byproduct of Brue, Bluster, Zulu and West's graffiti preoccupations, and they subverted the earnest greeting of the "Hello my name is...' sticker, a good addition to any tagger's artillery with the names, Michael Stewart, Phillip Pannell and Eleanor Bumpurs — all police brutality victims and a commentary on the fact any of the brand's young urban audience could be in the same fatal situation. Activism meets style, and this shirt shifted in long-sleeve form back in the early 1990s. It's a design that's oft-imitated but rarely resonates with the same power.