Last lesson, the Colonel schooled us on the magic that is talcum powder. This installment is all about the truth on toners.

For y’all out there still suffering from acne/zit problems, toners can be a great way to reduce oil. Problem is (surprise) we all don’t have the same type of skin. Ethnic skin tends to be much oilier than Caucasian skin (which can run from dry to oily).

There are also people who have oily skin just on their forehead and nose (combination skin). This area is called the T-Zone and should be treated differently.

That's why pads are cool. You can wipe on targeted areas so as to not dry your whole face out. Be careful though, no matter what you use—especially those packed with witch hazel or alcohol—it might make your face feel tight and dry so you probably want to use a non-oily moisturizer after wiping down. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser is one of my top picks (as well as for a gaggle of other people in the grooming world).

Pads are also great for after a workout or one of those mornings when you really can’t take a shower. Keep a pack in your overnight bag or in your car so when you wake up in it and don’t remember what happened the night before, at least you will feel refreshed!

Here are the ones I like best:

Oxy Pads have been every teenager’s must have for years, but again, they can be very drying (high percentage of alcohol). Just use them on the areas needed.

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Neutrogena Acne Rapid Clear Daily  Treatment Pads are great because they contain more salicylic acid  (an anti inflammatory which helps the skin shed and open clogged pores) than Oxy pads and aren’t as drying. (Retail $8 for 60 pads)

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Anthony Logistic's Astringent Toner Pads are marketed as Oxy pads for the mature male. Not necessarily for acne but for cleansing the skin and keeping pores refreshed. These could be great for guys just growing out of acne phase and of course for the boys to men set.

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