Dude, we need some of these for the U.S.! Amsterdam-based designers Bas Van De Poel and Daan Van Dam have created these amazing T-shirts for Dutch supporters. They must've been high, 'cause these shits is straight genius! [Design Boom]

Ever wonder what downtown L.A. looks like from the Goodyear blimp? Wonder no more. [The Los Angeles Times via Mash Kulture]

File under "cool as shit but impossible to get." Casio G-Shock and Collect London link up for a super-limited (10 pieces each) run of watches and T-shirts. They will be available later this month at Casio's new East London store. [High Snobiety]

One man (Brad Kremer) + one digital SLR (Canon 5D MKII) + one soundtrack (Royksopp and The Album Leaf) + Japan = Hayaku, an incredibly dope time-lapse journey through the Land of the Rising Sun. Must-see. [Hypebeast]

A lot of the World Cup artwork we've seen lately has been quite literal, but these art posters are more abstract interpretations of the globe's biggest sporting event. Check out S.A. native William Kentridge's work in the collection. [The Ballast]

Head Porter drops an iPad case. And, of course, it's awesome. [Slamxhype]