Earlier this week we learned a great deal on the topic of blazers from GANT Rugger's designer Christopher Bastin. Don't know the etiquette code of which buttons to do up? Still clueless on the difference between a sport coat and a blazer? Well then, by all means revisit Bastin's Blazer 101.

But what if you did read up and STILL had no idea what he was talking about?

Complex: What's the essential blazer that absolutely every man should have in his wardrobe?
CB: Hands down a half-lined flannel blazer with natural shoulders and a floating chest-piece. Lucky for you we have one for spring in our GANT Rugger line.

Whaaaa? What's a floating chest-piece you ask? Well, aren't you lucky to be reading the next paragraph...

Definition of a Floating Chest-Piece:
Inside a jacket, in this case, a blazer, you'll discover that between the outer fabric and the inner lining, there's all sorts of magic going on. There's a layer that ensures the coat keep its shape that's called a canvas. Expensive jackets predominantly have a floating canvas, which means there are carefully calculated points where the canvas is sewn down while mass manufactured models usually have a fused (glued) canvas. Extra padding is added in areas like the chest and it's commonly believed that a floating chest-piece creates structure while remaining fluid for movement. Those super jiggy Savile Row tailors over in London insist that quality suits have floating components. As does our Complex Style Expert.

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