BRAND: Evisu

SINCE: 1998 (1991 Officially)

FOUNDED BY: Hidehiko Yamane

HOME BASE: New York, NY and Osaka, Japan

WHAT'S NEXT: The complete relaunch of Evisu. The new line reaffirms Evisu's commitment to denim, while showcasing updated fits, unique washes, and vintage influences.

WHY WE CO-SIGN: Forget what you heard, denim is the fabric of our lives. To us, there is no better way to top off an outfit than with a pair of premium denim jeans. We've seen the demand for quality denim hit an all time high in the past couple years, and we've also seen the grand opening and closing of many brands attempting to cash in on the market. But when it comes to searching for that perfect pair we turn to one of the OG and most respected brands in the denim world, Evisu...

Originally founded in 1991 by Hidehiko Yamanehe, the brand grew to be one of the most recognizable (thanks to its instantly identifiable seagull logo) and most coveted clothing brands in the world. However, during its accession, many felt the brand lost its way as it began producing gaudy, ill fitting models. Barney's New York felt the same and stopped carrying the Osaka born brand nine years ago. Now, with the help of Scott Morrison, known for his previous work with Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, the brand has once again found its way into the highly regarded department store with its upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 line. Don't be fooled, these aren't the same overly emblazoned jeans that you're used to. Evisu has gone back to its roots by taking a minimalistic approach, focusing on streamlined fits, vintage washes, and hand distressing. So when it comes time to buy your next pair, invest in Evisu you won't be disappointed.

Keep reading for our interview with Evisu's new Global Chief Executive Scott Morrison, and his five winter essentials. Our picks from the Spring/Summer '10 lookbook are also after the jump...

Scott Morrison's Five Winter Essentials
1. iPhone
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2. Macbook Air
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3. Rolex GMT-II
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4. Evisu 2010 NARA jeans
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5. Moleskine Squared Notebook
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Complex: What is the aesthetic you're striving for at Evisu?
Scott Morrison: We're looking to recapture the original spirit of authenticity, and dedication to denim heritage which was the foundation of the brand back in 1991. From an aesthetic standpoint everything we do or touch needs to feel and look right, starting with downplaying the use of the famous seagull logo. We're also starting to move away from some of the obvious references to Japan that have been a part of the brand in the past.

Sanjo Wash

Complex: Describe your favorite piece in the Spring collection.
Scott: My favorite piece is probably our Limited Edition redux of a Levi's 1910 501 which is one of the most amazing denim jeans I've ever seen produced. It's epic in every way.

Takayama Wash

Complex: Are there any anticipated collaborations or future projects in the works?
Scott: Yes, we're launching an Evisu x Common Projects sneaker series for Autumn/Winter '10, which will be in stores in June.

Click here to Buy It Now at Barneys New York, $195

WHERE TO FIND IT: Barneys New York; In late Jan. 2010 LASC, Ron Herman, Henry Lehr (As seen in Complex's City Guide), and Bloomingdales

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