Canvas Baggy Metal

BRAND: Palladium Boots

SINCE: 1947

HOME BASE: Los Angeles

WHY WE CO SIGN: If you felt so inclined as to follow Hov and ditch Timbs this fall, there are a number of different boot brands you can drop your money on. One of them being the Los Angles based company Palladium. Founded in 1920 as a rubber tire company that manufactured and supplied tires to the wartime aviation industry, they switched it up after WWII and decided to build footwear as reliable as their tires. The result of which was the now legendary Pampa boot which was scooped up by the French Foreign Legion as their official boot.

Today, Palladium's still sitting high up top the footwear totem pole thanks to them employing their time-tested production tactics. It's those tactics and techniques that allow them to make boots designed for casual wear, comfort and hard-wearing durability. This fall, Palladium is re-launching their famed Pampa boot which will be followed up by special versions using Shearling lining in October.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Palladium Boots stores.

See below for our interview with Barney Waters, Vice President of Marketing for Palladium Boots and pics from the Fall 2009 Collection...

Complex: The aviation industry heavily inspired Palladium, how has it influenced the overall look and feel of your collection?

Barney Waters: The company made aircraft tires before we made boots, so it's part of our history. We supplied the French Foreign Legion in the late 1940's, so we also have a military background. Canvas is one of our primary materials, which came from aircraft tires, as canvas was used as a layer under the rubber. In the old days if you wore a tire down, the threads would show through. Those threads were canvas. You'll also see some heritage Palladium colors used in the core collection, like the original sand khaki canvas used on the Foreign Legion boot. All of this makes up our heritage, which we'll reference, but the focus will be on what Palladium stands for today. Authenticity is important, but I don't want the brand to be a museum.
Complex: What are your retail plans for the future?

Barney Waters: Our first collection will be available in some of the best stores in the country, like Conveyor at Fred Segal, Kitson, American Rag, Shoe Market in Brooklyn and Villains in San Francisco. We're going to open our first Palladium store soon, probably close to our home office in LA. Having our own store will help us get a real read on what people like and don't like, and will help us build better lines going forward.
Complex: Any anticipated collaborations?

Barney Waters: Our first collaboration will be with BBlessing, the New York boutique whose owner and creative director, Daniel Jackson.

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