At every party, there's always that one dude with a fedora—he's probably rocking pointy shoes, posted up with an imported beer, and trying to impress girls with his wonky facial hair. That dude needs to be socked in the face. But that's not you, dear reader. Nope, with today's Buy It Now, you'll be that dude with a fedora rocking clean kicks, posted up with something smokable, and surrounded by girls who want to inhale your whole aura. Word.

The hat above, from SoCal brand RVCA, is called the Nolo Fedora, made of imported soft wool with a black band around the rim and a RVCA pin on the side. For detail pics and Buy It Now info, see below...
RVCA Nolo Fedora
CLICK here to BUY IT NOW at, $32.50

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