BRAND: April77

SINCE: 2002


FOUNDED BY: Brice Partouche

WHY WE COSIGN:WHY WE COSIGN: When it comes to clothing that epitomizes the American Western aesthetic, we usually think, of course, of an American brand like Ralph Lauren. But if you're seeing one too many polo shirts with a horse insignia and want to switch up the brand but keep the look, French label April77 is worth a shot. First known for its excellent denim, April77 was founded in 2002 by Brice Partouche. Brice's father founded the denim brand Bonaventure back in the '80s, so April77's American West aesthetic should come as no surprise. Like father, like son—no Birdman.

From hand-woven Peruvian ponchos to double-weave Japanese cotton denim, April77's Fall/Winter collection touches on the Western prairie lifestyle, pulling most of its creative inspiration from the rockabilly culture of the mid-'50s. Great stuff, and for these prices—$50 for T-shirts to $418 for twill trench coats—it damn well better be. But trust us, we wouldn't lead you away from Ralph if it wasn't.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, Hlorenzo in L.A, Loveless in Tokyo, Revolve Clothing, Yoox and S|Sense.

See below for pics from the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection...