Richard Avedon's fashion photography will open at the ICP in New York on May 15th. If you live in the big city, make a point of checking it. [The Moment]

Carhartt Europe might be the coolest brand in the world right now. It makes one want to go and build some shit- in a cool way. [High Snobiety]

Holy jetpack! This one is for real (and can be yours for $100,000 later this year). [OhGizmo]

Grotesk gets down at the 21 Mercer Bespoke, and creates the first super iD AF1 worth clicking on. [Sneaker News]

Ryan McGinley x aNYthing. Old Jeezy can rip them as much as he wants, but at the end of the day, people will buy things that downtown famous people like. [SlamxHype]

Hypebeast is teasing its new collaboration with adidas. The three stripes apparently didn't get the memo that people use the Internet to look at porn, girls with iPhones, and for pretending to buy things- not actually having sex or spending money. [Hypebeast]