L-R-G drops its G-Shock later this month. Oh wait, you can get it at KCDC now. First!

Comcast's new site allows you to design the ultimate room, then enter it to win a contest for $30,000. All we have to say about that is, "Where the weed at." [Comcast]

Corsair just announced an SSD card with 250GB of memory. That's like every photo you've ever taken, and all the porn you've ever watched (well maybe) on one little card. Um...welcome to the future? [Crunch Gear]

New Rogues Gallery collection. Dope. [Slam x Hype]

If you have a Mac, you know about the infamous bouncing beach ball of death. Phenomenon got you with its new T-shirt design. Take back the rainbow! [Mash Kulture]

We don't usually co-sign custom kicks, but these are dope. Not for wearing, but for looking. Wait, is that the canceled M.O.B. AF1? [Kicks on Fire]