'Tis the season for windbreakers and rain jackets, so we've been seeing a lot of fancy water-resistant outerwear lately. But really, if you think about it, why would you blow so much cash on an item that's only useful for a couple months? When the weather's shitty, looking cool should take a backseat to staying dry. That's why today's Buy It Now is a budget-friendly must for spring.

We've already given Norwegian heavyweight Helly Hansen the overall Complex co-sign, and today we're vouching for HH's Voss Jacket. Available in five colors, this windbreaker is made of waterproof, polyurethane-face-coated nylon with 200% stretch factor. All that means is: It's a no-nonsense rain slicker that will hold you down until it's too warm to even think about a jacket. For Buy It Now info and pics of all colorways, see below...
Click Here To Buy It Now At HellyHansenGear.com, $40
Yellow, Navy

Black, Red, Dusty Green

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