Money isn't crazy these days, but if you have $250, Don't Come in Australia will hook you up with one of these REAS screenprints which debuted at the recent opening. Each of the four (Check the other two after the jump) measures 15" x 22" and is screened onto archival acid free paper. The prints are in editions of 50, so act fast. Contact, and tell them you want all of 'em. [Don't Come]

I can has that? Unfortunately, the answer is probably, "Ha. No. Too Expensive, and you can't read those letters." If you're referring to this awesome Colette x Visvim backpack on sale now at Headporter. (sigh) [High Snobiety]

Puma's all gold 24K Mid with UNDFTD is on display and looking...shiny! [Hypebeast]

hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa. You got to see this. New Phenomenon lookbook. Wow. Imagine if an NY streetwear brand tried to pull something like this? I guess it's a different market, but nevertheless amazing. [Mash Kulture]

Leak! Check the Gourmet Fall '09 samples from Bread and Butter. [High Snobiety]