Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos took to social media Saturday to call out Roman Reigns over his recent comments about the AEW’s roster of talent.

In an interview with Complex earlier this week, the WWE Universal Champion claimed he doesn’t see AEW as competition for WWE. 

“I don’t see the real competition [with AEW] because I think their fan base legitimately is a hardcore fan base,” Reigns explained. “So there’s like a ceiling and a built-in ground to that viewership. [The WWE is] trying to connect with everyone. We’re trying to connect with the mainstream.”

Reigns’ comments wound up getting a reaction out of Junior dos Santos. Just a day after making his pro wrestling debut for during Friday night’s Rampage, the AEW wrestler fired back at Reigns on Twitter.

“Hey @WWERomanReigns I heard your interview. Please send the address of this club you will throw me and my little brothers out of #AEW,” he wrote.