Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Year: 2004
Cameo role: Retired NBA player and restaurant patron

Cameos on Curb Your Enthusiasm are tricky because the show is basically defined by famous people walking in, acting like themselves, watching Larry make a fool of himself, and then walking off. But the show knew exactly what to do with this NBA star. This cameo is great because Muggsy Bogues gets to play himself and play off of one of his most famous traits: that he’s pretty short for an NBA player. But what’s even better is that Larry David and Richard Lewis manage to create the scene a quintessentially awkward Curb moment. It’s like an education in the magic of the show: kinda crass, extremely awkward, and with the single most ridiculous punchline you could imagine, and, as always, at Larry’s expense. It’s just *chef’s kiss*