Show: Cheers
Year: 1991
Cameo role: Substitute bartender at Cheers/ringer in a "charity" basketball game

In this episode, “Cheers Fouls Out,” Cheers casts the Celtics star as a bartender so that he can play in a bartender-only game with a rival bar. The great revelation is that McHale has some pretty great comedic timing—virtually his first line is a perfect jab at Woody Harrelson’s character, and he has a killer final punchline. This is one of those classic cameos where the athlete really just seems to be having fun being on set of the show, and it shows. Plus, it’s one of two McHale cameos on Cheers: the other aired one year after this one and is called “Where Have All The Floorboards Gone?” It features McHale obsessed with the number of bolts in the Boston Garden court.